Solamatic II brushes dirt from the soles,
while the user is passing through the unit. Because
the machine is built like a gateway, everyone has
to pass through it, enabling dirt to be cleaned effec-
tively from the shoes and not be taken into or out
of production areas. Solamatic II uses dry cleaning
with a dirt reservoir underneath the brushes. The
unit can be installed at or above ground level.

Detalii tehnice

Cleaning technique:
dry cleaning with counter
rotating brushes, large
dirt collecting unit

automatic start by means
of a light barrier,
automatic switchoff,
2 emergency stop switches,
entrance from both sides

100 cm x 250 cm
width x length

Installation/mounting depth:
approx. 16 cm
height of the path without

640 kg

Power supply:
400 volt, three phase current
other voltages optionally